Judy and Paul Garden of the Month 8926 Rusdon Lane September 2019



Paul and Judy moved to their Crestwood home seven years ago.  They were already avid gardeners, having earned the Yard of the Month award in their previous home in Ferguson.

When they moved to their home on Rusdon Lane in Crestwood the front yard had a big beautiful Sweet Gum tree at the street line and two berms in the front lawn.  The plantings in the berms did not appeal to the Newshams so they completely redid them. The project was extensive and done by trial and error but the results are lovely.

Paul took on the design and maintenance of the front yard. One berm has a small maple tree and a laurel as the vertical elements. The base of the berm is filled with colorful coleus, small grasses, and lantana.  The other berm features a hydrangea tree, a mini hydrangea, Chinese daisies, aster, non spreading mint, and coral bells. Arranged on the front porch are multiple small pots of succulents. The effect is a pleasing array of textures and colors.

As you move to the backyard, Judy’s domain, you are met with many more succulents in various sizes and shapes of pots. The backyard also has shady spots perfect for the hostas, begonias and impatiens.

Colorful metal vintage lawn chairs are scattered around. Lawn ornaments are tastefully tucked in the landscape along with whimsical bird houses.  The whole effect is playful and fun.  

Paul and Judy’s yard can best be described as welcoming, friendly and fun.  They deserve our thanks for making Crestwood even more beautiful!


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