One of the spectacular flowers in the garden in July are daylilies. Below are some flowers from one of our new committee members. Below the pictures is an article about Daylilies.

The pictures and article are by Lisa Bozdeck.

Daylilies: The Easy, Low Maintenance, Carefree, Most-rewarding Garden Plant

The Daylily (hemerocallis ) is in fact not a lily at all. The name actually means “day beautiful.” Beautiful they are indeed. They have become one of my favorite plants in my gardens. A bud will bloom in early morning and wither the next night with another bloom to follow the next day, hence the name “daylily.” They have multiple buds/blooms on “scapes,” what we consider the stems.

Full-Sun Perennials: As opposed to annuals, they come back every year without fail. Even if you don’t clear the dead leaves from the prior season, they will grow. They generally require 6+ hours of sun but they have been known to grow and bloom with less albeit less blooms.

Low maintenance: There is literally no maintenance to these plants. As long as they receive normal water amounts in the spring (they begin growth as early as March) they WILL bloom. They will bloom even if the lower leaves begin to brown in mid- to late-summer as their buds have already set.

Heights & spreads: There are all different heights from short (10” scapes) for the front of the garden all the way up to extremely tall (42” scapes) for the back or middle of the garden.

Great cut flowers: They make great cut flowers even if they do only last a day. If you can cut a scape with several buds on it, they will continue to bloom in the vase.

Bloom times: I’ve spaced them in my garden so that I almost always have a daylily blooming all season long. There are early-season bloomers, midseason, and late.

Varieties: There are tens of thousands of varieties (cultivars). Some of my favorites in my garden that I found locally in St. Louis: 

Fragrant – ‘Bonanza’ ‘Rosy Returns’ ‘Sunday Gloves’ ‘Elegant Candy’ ‘Wineberry Candy’ ‘ South Seas’

Rebloomers (they bloom more than once a season) – ‘Always Afternoon’ ‘South Seas’ ‘Many Happy Returns’ ‘Eenie Weenie’ ‘Violet Light’

Colors – there are multi-colored, deep purple, violet, yellow, peach, red, orange, white, the list goes on and on.

Extended bloomers – this means the flowers stay open for at least 16 hours: ‘Eenie Allegro’ ‘ Aztec Princess’ ‘Bonanza’ ‘Sunday Gloves’ ‘Elegant Candy’ ‘ Stella d’Oro’

Ruffled/Double-blooms – ‘Variegate Kwanso’ ‘Hush Little Baby’ ‘Druids Chant’ ‘Bela Lugosi’

For more information, visit the American Daylily Society

Lisa Bozdeck

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City Hall Gardens

If you get a chance, take a look at all the beautiful plantings up near city hall. There’s even a new garden with a bench by the firehouse. Thanks to Josie and her volunteers for all their work to make city hall look so terrific.

Note – if you’d like to be put on the list of volunteers please email

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Drive-By Garden Tour Details

There is a protest scheduled on Saturday, but is not close to any of the gardens on the tour. The protest route is shown in purple. If you choose not to drive by on Saturday, you can certainly drive by the gardens any day you choose.

The 2020 Drive-By Crestwood Garden Tour will kick off on Saturday, June 13th at 9 a.m. While the formal ending is at noon on that day, the gardens will be available for viewing during the summer as you drive down the street.

We encourage people to stay in their cars to maintain social distancing at individual homes. There are some gardens where you can walk around – Whitecliff Garden, Sanders Park, Sappington House and the street islands. There will be handouts at 9016 Robyn Rd. 63126

I’m providing the map information in a number of different formats. The easiest might be to use the shared map on your phone. Below is the Google Maps Link. Go to on your browser for the tour information. Then click on the maps link.

Here is what the map should look like on your phone.

We have two different scavenger hunts – one for items that you can find in the individual gardens and another for pollinator gardens.

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Maintaining Native Landscapes

If you’re interested in using native plants for your garden, Scott Woodbury shares his years of experience in this video.

Notes from the seminar.

  • Native Landscape Maintenance Schedule
  • Maintenance is key or a garden will likely fail.
  • Top Performing Plants
  • Plug Resources
  • Lawn – cut grass 3-4 inches high. Violets are natives.
  • What’s your capability as a gardener?
  • Find your balance between turf and garden.
  • It’s a lot easier to cut grass then to maintain a garden.
  • Small Size = Low Maintenance
  • Large Size = High Maintenance
  • 1000 sq. ft = 4 hours per week maintenance
  • 70% native plants in the garden is Doug Tallamy’s goal.
  • A lot of mulch = high maintenance
  • Where can you keep leaf litter on the ground?
  • Cut back stems to 14″ in height. 8″ is the lowest. (When should I do this?) You leave the stems all year long. as nesting for bees. (Possibly test this out in a specific area.
  • Green mulch is planting very close together so that there is less space for plants. Scott plants 30 plugs in a 36″ square- about 7″ apart.
  • Only cut back late summer and fall blooming plants. (Aster, echinacea, rudbeckia, ironweed,sunflower) around May 1st.
  • For new garden areas – Solarize soil to get rid of plants. Plastic is ok – at least 6 weeks. Mow low and cover with newspaper/cardboard and then mulch.
  • Lurie Garden in Chicago cleans the dead material with a string trimmer(mower) and leaves everything on the ground. Here is an article.
  • He doesn’t recommend fertilizers.
  • Mychorrhizae – he does add to the plants in production and it seems to benefit both the plant and the garden. Myco Bloom is what they use.
  • Plugs are inexpensive. $1.25 each
  • 14″ apart is the max distance .
  • New England Aster will not get large when it is planted close together.
  • In the garden he was showing – 1400 sq ft. – the first year he keeps everything about the same height.
  • xxxxxxxxxx
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Grant Program Canceled for 2020

Because of budget restraints in Crestwood, the grant program for the year 2020 has been canceled.

Any projects that have been submitted will not be approved this year.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a better year.

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Gardening for Wildlife – Dr. Doug Tallamy

If you’d like to bring nature and wildlife into your yard, this video by Dr. Doug Tallamy will show you what to do.

Also – here is the link for the best plants/trees for wildlife.

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Bird Bath Donation

Thanks to Barbara Ward and her donation of the bird bath for Whitecliff. I’m sure the birds will appreciate a cool dip on a hot day.

If you happen to see that it needs water, please don’t be bashful about giving it a fill-up.

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Native Garden Seminar

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June 3, 2020 – 4 pm Central Time

Register at the link below.

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Hosted by Fundraising Brick

Engraved Brick Order Deadline: Ongoing

For additional information regarding our engraved brick campaign please contact
Eunice Lingle at or call 314 962 4258.


It’s been over 50 years since the original restoration of the Historic Thomas Sappington House and Gardens.  Although the plants are flourishing, the House and Garden Brickwork are showing their age.

The Sappington House Foundation and City of Crestwood are currently engaged in restoring the House and Gardens to their original Federal Period beauty.  We need your help!  It is a costly endeavor, but timely repairs done now will prevent further damage, and preserve this lovely historic site for years to come.

You can be a part of history and make a lasting mark in the community!  Purchase a brick engraved with your name or message. It will have a permanent place in the Garden.  The monies from this memorial brick fundraiser will be used in the restoration of the house and garden area.

Great brick ideas to make a mark in history and support Sappington House and Gardens

Your name / family
In memory or honor of a loved one
An encouraging message to the future
Promote your business in the community

To Order a Brick – click on this ink.

For more info on Sappington House and the Restoration Efforts also the Barn Restaurant and Loft Gift Shop visit us at

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Drive By Garden Tour and Scavenger Hunt – June 13th

Saturday – June 13th, Crestwood will be sponsoring a Drive By Garden Tour and Scavenger Hunt.

9 am to noon.

We are looking for Crestwood residents who would like to be part of the tour and show off their front yard. If you would like to be part of the tour, please email

If you would like to receive the list of houses and parks on the tour, please email

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