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The Crestwood Beautification Committee loves Crestwood, Missouri!

We are a group of volunteers who are working hard to beautify it mainly through enhancing the gardens around Crestwood. We have been an organization only for a little while, but we have already done a great job in making the Crestwood City Hall look more inviting. However, we need more money to do more projects.

Our current list of projects include:
-Revamping the U-Turn loop on Watson Road
-Improving the appearance of the neighborhoods in Crestwood
-Improving the appearance of the Crestwood city boundaries (making them more noticeable as well as more aesthetically pleasing)
-Beautifying major intersections in Crestwood (such as the intersection of Sappington and Watson)
-Adding butterfly gardens around our city
-Continuing to beautify our city hall

We hope there will be many more projects to come!