Blazing Star – Liatris spicata

Blazing Star is one of the easiest native plants to grow. You can buy these as either plants or bulbs and the cost can range from $15.00 for plants to 25 cents for bulbs.

The Beautification Committee is giving away these bulbs to residents at different events so make sure you subscribe to the website news.

Plant the bulbs about two inches deep and six inches apart.

One tricky thing to notice is planting the bulb in the correct orientation. It’s easy to plant the bulbs upside down. The roots have white hairs while the top has more spikey tops.

Bottom of bulb

Top of bulb

Note – Voles love to eat these bulbs. That’s why I only buy the inexpensive bulbs.

Because these are native plants, they don’t require specific soil or fertilizer.

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