Bush Honeysuckle – Taking Over

If you are interested in growing native plants, bushes and trees, plus attracting birds, butterflies and pollinators, then bush honeysuckle is a big bully which will take over your garden.

The pamphlet above is put out by the Missouri Department of Conservation and GrowNative.org and is available as a free download – click here.

It should answer most of your questions and also has lots of other resources to check out.

The city will be working on removing at least some of the bush honeysuckle next year and will be looking for volunteers to help. If you’re interested in helping, please email BeautifyCrestwood@Gmail.com

City of Crestwood Bush Honeysuckle Page.

The pictures below are from Spellman Park.

Before – Honeysuckle
After – Honeysuckle
Before – Honeysuckle
After – Honeysuckle
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