Drive-By Garden Tour Details

There is a protest scheduled on Saturday, but is not close to any of the gardens on the tour. The protest route is shown in purple. If you choose not to drive by on Saturday, you can certainly drive by the gardens any day you choose.

The 2020 Drive-By Crestwood Garden Tour will kick off on Saturday, June 13th at 9 a.m. While the formal ending is at noon on that day, the gardens will be available for viewing during the summer as you drive down the street.

We encourage people to stay in their cars to maintain social distancing at individual homes. There are some gardens where you can walk around – Whitecliff Garden, Sanders Park, Sappington House and the street islands. There will be handouts at 9016 Robyn Rd. 63126

I’m providing the map information in a number of different formats. The easiest might be to use the shared map on your phone. Below is the Google Maps Link. Go to on your browser for the tour information. Then click on the maps link.

Here is what the map should look like on your phone.

We have two different scavenger hunts – one for items that you can find in the individual gardens and another for pollinator gardens.

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