Yard of the Month August 2019 9447 Lodge Pole

Since Daniel, Tim and dog Tucker live in the house that was once the home of Daniel’s grandmother, there are lots of good memories for Daniel in the house and grounds.

Daniel is the gardener and Tim is the lawn man.  Both take pride in their work and enjoy it.

For the front plantings Daniel created a kind of classic symmetry. Feather Reed Grass creates columns for height in the front garden which has a boarder of Liriope along the front edge.  The middle of the bed has a great variety of plants mostly with a low mounding shape. To maintain the mounding effect Daniel sometimes pushes the plants down physically.

Many of the plants are pollinators.  Daniel attended classes and read the book by Tom Terrific for his inspiration on butterflies and bees and what attracts them.  For example, besides the plants that butterflies prefer they also like a rock here and there to rest on. 

Some of the plants in this area are apricot Drift Roses, black eyed susan, salvia, coneflowers, coreopsis, hummingbird mint, sage, irises.  Some of the plants had been part of Daniel’s Grandmother’s garden.  

About 18 months ago there was a large water main break in the middle of the lawn.  Daniel and Tim quickly and expertly restored the lawn its original beauty, including its  zoysia grass. It was not any easy task. When the water company repaired the water main and was preparing to replace the grass Tim and Dan did not want them to do the usual seeding and covering with straw.  They wanted the original zoysia. After some research they called Scott Sifton, their State Senator and found some other resources who helped them get the results they desired, zoysia sod replacing the sod which was dug up.  In general, Tim maintains the lawn with quarterly weed and feed. It really looks great. 

The backyard is more random. An important feature is an enormous Sweet Gum tree which provides welcome shade and spectacular color in the Fall.

There is a row of Hosta running up the hill along the border of the back yard which matches the neighbor’s row of Hosta on the other side of the fence. Another corner of the backyard is home to lilac, bee balm, native iris, morning glory, parsley, basil, lavender, mountain mint and more!

Besides working on their own garden and lawn Daniel and Tim often help their neighbors.

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