Beautiful Crestwood Business Landscaping Awards August 2019





Kohls Department Store  9701 Watson Road

Kohls has been in this location in Crestwood for many decades and has consistently maintained a beautiful traditional landscape design.  We appreciate the mature trees and the abundant well-maintained bushes on the well traveled corner of Watson and Sappington.

EZ Storage  9900 Big Bend Road

The many beautiful flowers are well maintained throughout the year at EZ Storage. Lots of color and texture grab the attention of those driving by. Each year, it seems, they lavish more attention and effort on their landscaping. It keeps getting better. 


Lipics 10030 Big Bend Road

Gerri at Lipics designed the planters this year for their store front. This is the second year that Lipics enhanced their entrance with interesting planters. Beautify Crestwood helped get them started last year and we think Gerri did an even better job than we did. That’s the way we hoped it would work. Thanks, Gerri.


Office complex at 9420 Watson Road

Bill and Kim Schlotz have owned the attractive building since 2007. This year they planned and implemented big changes to the front. They wiped the landscape slate clean and used concrete and simple large planters with colorful flowers to create a dramatic new welcoming entrance.  They also have interesting development plans for the future of the lower level space.  


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