Grooming the Catalina West entrance


First row Nate, Chrissie, Steve, Josie, Matt, Gary. Second Row Brian’s daughter, Brian.


July 20, 2019.  “Many hands make light work.” This pearl goes back to the 14th century. I heard it repeated by two different people this Saturday morning. A group of neighbors gathered at the  Rayburn and Tahiti Drive entrance sign to Catalina West subdivision, all volunteers wanting to help Beautify Crestwood.

They were not planting flowers.

They were doing one of the the other vital activities in every beautification project. They were maintaining a site that was established in the 1950s when this subdivision was built and named. It has been been tended by neighbors for the last 40 years.

They removed the weeds and overgrowth that had grown up around the monument sign. They did it in less than an hour. Congratulations and thanks to these neighbors. This morning they improved the quality of our lives and the the value of our properties

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