Gary & Carrie Gobble’s Yard of the Month May 2019


This beautiful yard is the result of  collaboration. The grass is his. The flowers are hers. Together they are pleased with and proud of their yard. We are too. It is a welcome addition to our  neighborhood and our city.

Gary’s interest in their front lawn goes back several years. He has been seeding it and mowing it regularly but he decided to make some changes to make it look even better. The hardest part, Gary says, was getting rid of the crab grass and other undesirable upstart volunteers that spotted his lawn. He did this with methodical cutting and trimming and weeding, and even killing off parts of the lawn, before replacing it with his preferred grass. In its place he planted and cultivated a Fescue mix and Kentucky Blue Grass. The results are beautiful.

Carrie has concentrated on the flowers and trees that enhance the attraction of their lovely house. She has nurtured the plants and shrubs along the drive. There is a variety of mostly perennials with some Missouri wildflowers, a favorite of hers. Speckled within are some other attractive favorites of theirs including Purple Coneflowers, Black -Eyed Susans, Lavender, Showy Evening Primrose, Phlox, Salvia, Daylilies, Creeping Jenny, Bearded Iris, Oak-Leafed Hydrangea, Daffodils, Tulips, and many others!  


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