Kudos to Clayton Endicott, Yard of the Month landscaper

Clayton  keeps a well manicured lawn  on a large corner lot on Tahiti Drive.  His mother Linda had hired a lawn company and installed a sprinkler system.  But when Clayton returned home from his 15 month tour of duty in Iraq he threw himself into making the lawn even better.

He has a special method of cutting the grass in various directions, creating a grid pattern. He can tell which way he cut the grass the previous week and he cuts it a different direction the next week.

Recently Clayton has switched to digital control of the irrigation system which allows him to control the timing, area and duration of watering with an app on his phone.  There is also a provision for watering until the ground is soaked then pausing before adding more water to prevent wasteful runoff.

He started doing yard work, especially lawn cutting with a friend when he was 14 years old.  He and his friend would cut his lawn, his friend’s lawn, and the lawns of his friend’s relatives and neighbors.  Recently, he developed an interest in flowers and other landscaping, an interest he developed with the help of his Grandma Jo who likes to share ideas and plants.

Last year he agreed to join a Tahiti Island group which took on the project of refurbishing the two islands on Tahiti Drive.  He helped fundraise, plant, spread mulch, and weed for the North island. As his neighbor I can tell that he really enjoys his accomplishment.  I certainly enjoy his product and I know the other neighbors do also.


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