Yard of the Month – Barbara Larson

Since I live close to Barbara, I have always admired her roses as I drive by her house.

I finally got an opportunity to stop and talk with her and found another sweetheart in Crestwood. She not only is a great gardener, but is also a lovely person.

It turns out that she has over ten years of experience volunteering at the Missouri Botanical Garden in the rose garden.  She is now retired, but still keeps her passion alive for roses in her yard.

Here redbuds, azaleas, and magnolia were past their flowering time, but I could easily imagine the beauty they would have added to the home.

Besides the roses, she still has hydrangeas, daylilies and other perennials that will be blooming in the near future.

Her magnolia in the front yard may be the best kid friendly climbing tree in the Crestwood area. It’s large and sprawling and covers most of her front yard.

Once again, Crestwood gardeners are the best!


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