Tahiti Islands Fundraiser a Success

May 5, 2018

The second annual fundraiser for the beautification of the Islands of Tahiti is complete. You remember that last year at this time the residents of Tahiti Drive held their first annual fund drive aimed at raising money to totally refresh the north and south islands. That one was a success; this one likewise.

Sometimes it’s hard to measure the good results of a project like this. Is it the seed money we raised? Is it the good feeling a person has about being part of worthy project? Is it the memories we keep of the days we spent improving our city and neighborhood? Is it the friends we made while digging and planting in the gardens? Is it the happiness we feel  when going down the streets and thinking that we live in a great place? Your choice. But we believe it’s all of the above.

Everyone is welcome to join us. We have a lot more work to do.

Photos left to right: Gary Gobble,  Liz, Josie, Clayton Endicott

Second Row: Lisa Anderson, Josie and Clayton and Lisa



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