Beautify Crestwood Does it Again

Sunday morning, October 8, 2017, Crestwood City Hall.

Plantings today: chrysanthemums, pansies, celosia, ornamental cabbage, tulip and daffodil bulbs.

Twelve Beautify Crestwood members and neighborhood volunteers took just two hours to get the planting done. They brought their shovels, hoes, clippers, gardening mats, and buckets to work on the islands in the parking lot,  the landscape along Sappington Road, and the terraces near the entrance to the building

Many thanks to the volunteers, including Tom Terrific and his wife Gerry, Ellen Medearis, Jerry Jockish, Joyce Menning, Alderman Darryl Wallach, Nona Swank, Liz Jegel, Elaine Tripolitis,  Matt, Josie and Catherine Green. It was an amazing and heart-warming sight to see our friends and neighbors coming together to share the work and the laughter and the camaraderie.

You should come to the next volunteer event to meet your neighbors, make new friends. Digging in the dirt is good for the soul. Making new friends and joining old buddies in a volunteer project is gratifying. But seeing the beautiful colors of the new plants gracing our city hall grounds and being a part of a convivial gathering are truly rewarding in themselves.

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