Yard of the Month – Michelle Giles

It was a pleasure to meet Michelle Giles at her Crestwood home recently. She and her husband Jim have created a little slice of paradise in their yards.

What impressed me was Michelle’s willingness to try new plants and designs. If something wasn’t working, she would take it out and put in something new.

Her back yard is challenging since it slopes dramatically, but they have somehow engineered a lovely swimming pool and patio area which seems more like a Hawaiian retreat than a Crestwood backyard.

Michelle has a mixture of sun and shade areas, so she has a broad mix of plants and every new view gives a new painting of colors and plants.

Some of the unusual plants in the garden are a shade loving clematis covering an arbor and a Mosquito Schocker garden to help repel mosquitoes. The mosquito repellent plant is Pelargonium crispum – scented geranium.


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