Rapp Gardens – Yard of the Month

If you would combine herbs, pollinator plants, rain gardens, micro-greens, bird feeders, butterfly gardens, ferns, ponds, raised beds, vegetables, carnivorous plants, native plants and lots more, that’s what you will find at the gardens of Steve and Nancy Rapp.

Steve and Nancy both have a passion for gardening and trying out as many different plants as possible. They love to visit different nurseries and see what each has to offer. From my visit to their gardens, they seemed to have bought just about one of everything.

The front yard is an artist pallete of pink, yellows, orange, white, reds and green. One aspect of gardening which they seem to have mastered is putting in the right sized plant in the right area. They have a number of plants up against the foundation of the house, but they are all just the right size so that they don’t cover up the front of the house.

When you go in the back yard past a rain garden and pond, you immediately notice a large number of cedar raised-bed gardens.  They are filled with all sorts of vegetables, herbs and flowers and are at an easy 18″ height for working in the bed. When they bought the house, they had a gigantic concrete basketball court pad and rather than pay lots of money to remove it, they decided to add the raised beds to cover up the concrete.

Steve and Nancy’s gardens are on the Crestwood Garden Tour on June 17th – 9 a.m. to noon. You can get more details by emailing BeautifyCrestwood@gmail.org



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