Art and Artist – Diane Wilson

Our latest Yard of the Month winner is Diane Wilson.

What impressed me about Diane was her commitment to art in the garden. You will find a candelabra which can be lowered for a small intimate dinner, a wall of light along her back border, raised curvaceous flower beds, a knight in shining armor, a water feature and even a hydrangea framed by a large picture frame.

Typical of most gardeners, when I visited, Diane was working in her back yard on a major project of removing her chain link fence.  She is opening up her back yard so that there is one continuous green space along three neighbor’s yards.

She has many varieties of hydrangeas, shrubs, a Pom Pom Bonsai tree and even a grape arbor. There are many places to sit, relax and enjoy the artistic environment.

One interesting aspect of her gardens are her use of curving berms to make ordinary flat areas into more interesting small hills in the landscape. It’s a great way to add more interest to a garden area.

She is also working on 100% green coverage so that she can reduce her annual mulching chores.

Diane is our first artist in the garden – do we have more?

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