Jeannie Cook – Yard of the Month

Jeannie-Cook-01-400Jeannie-Cook-02-400Jeannine Cook lives at 9339 Pardee Road, in the house that her parents built for themselves. It is on an acre of land across the street from Grant’s Farm where the buffalo, deer and other animals graze and rest in the shade.

At first glance the yard is a pleasing layout of smooth lawn bordered by broad woods interspersed with beds of azalea, peonies, iris and other perennials. The shady section of the woods is rich with wildflowers such as forget-me-nots, jonquil, lenten rose, mayapple, blue bells, wild geranium, wild tulip, aster and phlox, silver dollar plants, cornflowers, green dragon and more. The sunnier parts are home to primrose, day lily, with a big show of hardy amaryllis in early August.

Jeannine is especially fond of the jonquil, which bloom profusely in early spring. She is generous in sharing the cut flowers with friends and neighbors.

Jeannine’s parents did the initial planning of the yard and woods. She has continued to enhance their beauty and serenity. Her favorite trees are the redbud and dogwood which form groves in the front yard. Sassafras and persimmon trees thrive in the woods along with other larger trees.

The house, designed with expansive views of the outside, is nestled comfortably within the idyllic landscape. The deer and the buffalo graze, the flowers bloom, the trees sway in the breeze. Birds, butterflies and other wildlife are welcomed visitors.

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